Rewards For A Healthy Diet

Discovery wants their clients to be healthier and to live healthy lifestyles. As such, they reward behaviour that would support this goal. In the Vitality Nutrition Assessments, body composition measurements are taken and healthy nutritional principles are discussed. Clients are awarded 1000 points from Discovery for these. They usually take 20-30 minutes. Should a personalised eating plan be required, a one on one appointment can be arranged. Regularly throughout the year Wellness Days are set up at the Rivonia Medical, Sports and Therapy Centre on Saturday mornings. Clients can then see a nurse, biokineticists and myself.

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Additionally, Xymogen Supplements can be purchased and Virtual Appointments can be arranged with Lindsey.

What is on your Plate Matters to Me!

I use unique food models to help my clients visualise what a healthy plate of food looks like and how to plan balanced nutritional meals.

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