Plate Matters Consulting Options

For a personalized eating plan, ONE ON ONE APPOINTMENTS include:

First Appointment

A full nutritional assessment looking at current eating patterns, medical history, sport and exercise as well as cultural and work influences. Body measurements are taken. This appointment usually takes 30 minutes.

Second Appointment

Feedback and analysis of the nutritional assessment, sharing of medical information if appropriate and working through a personal eating plan. This appointment is usually about 40-50 minutes.

Follow-up Sessions

Progress is measured. Additional tools and nutritional information is shared. These help with motivation and allow questions to be asked in order to achieve the set nutritional goals. These appointments are usually 15-20 minutes.

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Additional Services

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Additionally, Xymogen Supplements can be purchased and Virtual Appointments can be arranged with Lindsey.

What is on your Plate Matters to Me!

I use unique food models to help my clients visualise what a healthy plate of food looks like and how to plan balanced nutritional meals.

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